Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shivagange, Tumkur on August 1, 2009- part 2

We waited for Lucky to come near Chandra Layout petrol bunk at nearly 6 30 am. He came ten minutes later that we thought which made matters worse. Three people were sitting at the front i.e Bhanu, Bonda and Lucky. They somehow could manage and then we thought it would be better to have a bike also. So we went back to Mony`s place. Then there was a slight discussion sparked off by Govinda saying that he shall stay back for some reason. We had to console him to nullify that decision of his. CC had got his bike and he was riding it already with Bonda as his pillion rider. The trip finally took off with Bhanu and Mony at the front of the car and myself, Govinda and Lucky at the back.

We were hearing to the very famous audio clipping named Rescue Ganesh which was the talk of the car ;). Bhanu had become a fan of this audio clipping. We went past Yeshwanthpur and in no time we were in Tumkur road. We were regularly in touch with the biker boys for that moment, CC and Bonda. We whizzed past the toll-gate in Tumkur road and we had touched Dobbaspet. We took a left turn there and we were in the Shivagange route. After 3 mins of driving in that direction, we took a break. Then, the photo session took place. We gave every godamm pose. One standing out from the car with doors open, sitting on the car bonnet, 4 guys pissing simultaneously in a straight line were some of the poses I can remember now. But the best pose was when we all jumped at the same time and click, the photo was taken. The best looking photo of that session was taken by Bhanu.

Then, as we neared the temple town of Shivagange, there was another small photoshoot which was taken near a small temple on top of a 10 foot boulder.

After the photoshoot we parked our vehicles next to the temple main entrance. The watch read 9 am. Had plate idlis for breakfast, the speciality in Shivagange. We also were able to get lemon rice which we did not expect to get. After that we went to a kalyani(water square with steps) surrounded by 108 shivalingas. All the shivalingas were named something or the other.
Continued in the next blog( The trek to the top of Shivagange)

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